Our Rooms

Explorers (0-2)

Our Explorers room is home to the youngest members of our nursery, aged from 3 months to approximately 2 years old. It has a messy area, quiet corner, separate changing suite, and a milk kitchen. Children in this room have access to the sand and water trays throughout the day and we have a play kitchen and home corner for role playing. Our little explorers can also access a range of other activities that are changed twice daily. These include play dough, jigsaws, painting, and lots and lots of messy play!


Discoverers (2-3)

Once they reach 2 years old (approximately) our children move up into our Discoverers room, where they stay until roughly the age of 3. This room has lots of structured areas, including  sand and water, role playing, and our fantastic Exploration area, we also have a story corner which doubles as our circle time area, the children have free choice of these recourses throughout the day. We also plan activities on a daily basis to suit the individual interests of our children, and to support their development. These activities include lots of messy play, creative crafts and activities designed to help them discover their natural environments.


Inventors (3-4)

The Inventors room is for the children aged 3-4 years, it is made up of two interconnecting rooms which include a home corner, as well as messy, creative, and construction areas. We plan activities to care for all children's individual needs and to prepare them for their school lives. Through play the children are encouraged to reach their full potential with the support of their own key worker.

The practitioners in the Inventors room ensure that the children are taught good manners, conversational and social skills, as well as healthy living. The children are encouraged to serve their own snack and dinner, as we feel this helps the children learn about healthy living choices and developing the skills to care for themselves.

The Inventors room is also home to our new stay and play sessions for parents to come and find out what we do in nursery, as well as a yearly prom and Christmas party.