The majority of the food provided to the children is prepared on site by our practitioners who have Level 2 Food Safety and Hygiene, however our nursery lunches are provided by Main Street Catering who are an experienced catering provider. The children are provided with healthy, nutritious and appetising meals that are designed to meet all the children's nutritional needs. Individual children's dietary needs can be catered for without them feeling isolated from the other children and what they are eating. Milk is available at snack times as well as water been readily available throughout the day.

We are also very proud to hold a 5 Star Food Hygiene Rating.

Meals include:

  • Breakfast (8.00 - 8.30) - Selection of cereals

  • Snack (9.30) - A range of different snacks including toast and crumpets

  • Lunch (11.30) - Hot meal and Dessert

  • Snack (2.00) - A range of different snacks including fresh fruit and malt loaf

  • Tea (4.00) - Hot or cold can included Jacket Potato or Sandwiches and dessert

We believe that meal times should be happy, social times where children learn good table manners and develop an understanding of the importance of healthy eating. Practitioners sit with the children to provide childcare during meal times and encourage children to develop independence through making choices, serving their own food and drink and feeding themselves. Our menu is varied to encourage children to try different foods and to broaden their tastes. Our menus are on a four week rotation and are displayed in our nursery entrance, on our parents’ notice board and in each of our rooms.