ABC Daycare and Ozone out of School club is committed to equality of opportunity for all children, regardless of socio-economic background. We want to help all children make rapid and sustained progress and achieve as much as possible during their time at the nursery. The pupil premium grant helps us to do this by awarding the Nursery with additional funding which can be used in a variety of ways to ensure that no child is disadvantaged because of economic circumstances.


In January 2017 we decided to purchase a range of technologies including tablets, voice recorder, robot mice and cameras to support children  with using Technology as we had noticed a delay in Understanding the World. We also developed children’s awareness of their local community and the world around them. We purchased equipment that allowed us to alter our role play area so that we are able to make the children more aware of the jobs people do in our community. We also arranged a trip for July 2017 which enhance and extend the children's life experiences as well as supported them with learning about plants and animals. During the trip the children were given the opportunity to talk about what they had observing as well as been given the chance to show care and consideration towards what they see.


In the Summer Term 2018 we reassessed the children’s needs and discovered a delay in Literacy and Exploring Media and Materials. Due to this we purchased a range books and CDs which we have made story sacks and baskets from. We have also purchased more construction materials and props to support the children with Being Imaginative. We have also been looking at exploring colour through outdoor play as that the children who are showing the delay are most comfortable in.

When assessing the children's needs in the Autumn term we realised that there was still a delay in Literacy and Communication and Language. Due to this we have planned to develop the reading corner and role play area.


We believe that every child should be given the opportunity to achieve as much as they can. With this in mind we have carefully allocated our Pupil Premium Funding to remove barriers to learning and to accelerate attainment.